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Sunday, 14 January 2018

Matte Last Liquid Lip by pixi b petra review and swatches!!!

 liquid lipsticks are a;ways my favorite i have almost 40+ liquid lipsticks in may makeup stash,
being a beauty and fashion blogger i got tons of Pr packages from different brands but i must say the package i got from Pixi beauty in December 2017 was the best gift in 2017.
the gift box contained 2 skin care products (on which i am gonna write m thoughts very soon) and their new 5 liquid lip colors. What a Beautiful packaging and Gift Ahhhh <3

well lets move on to today's review, i am gonna share my review on m new obsession , lets have a look at them first :)

Product Details

• Extremely long wearing & comfortable, infused with rose-hip oil
• Quickly sets to a matte veil while leaving lips hydrated
• Colors are universally flattering and wearable
• Colour applies smoothly and uniformly in a single stroke
• Unique Pixi Petal applicator provides even and precise application
• Not tested on animals
• Paraben free

What Colors I got ?

i got 5 colors 

Au Naturelle:
Coral nude: its a beautiful coral toned nude shade , perfect for day time wear

Matte Beige:
peach Nude; this is 2 toned lighter than coral nude

Pastel Petal:
Beige Nude. Slightly too nude for me, but still wearable for that edgy look, especially if you dramatize your eye makeup. This is a great shade if you have a fair to light skin complexion.

Really Rose:
 Rosy Brown. I love this perfect blend of muted rose and brown. The rose is almost like a coral-brick that looks really good on any skin tone.

Evening Rose:
 Mauve Brownish pink. Another well-crafted shade that looks one or two shade darker than the Really rose This really makes for a beautiful pout( personally this one is m hot favorite )

The packaging is solid and well-done, except for the brush applicator that seems a little too soft for me.

My Trick To Use Liquid Lipsticks:
The trick to wearing matte lipstick is first exfoliate your lips. I wet my lips and rub sugar across them vigorously. Then I rinse them and apply a little lip balm.Then I put on my matte lipstick I will be wet then it will dry. It looks great.

My Verdict:
honestly i am in love with these lip colors, the smell like something mint,orange ,at-least to m sniffs they are like mint orange haha
the dries super quickly and last for up-to 8 hours for me , i had a meal wearing em on and trust me didn't even had to retouch m lipstick,it doesn't feel cake on lips at all,such a pigmented and lightweight formula,the are having petal shape applicator which is bit trick to use,at first use i got confuse how to hold it because its so flexible and bends hear and there , i had a tough time using it on my lips outline but after several uses it worked perfectly.

*Ultra matte
*Easy to apply
*I don't need to apply it more than once, it stays the whole day
*Does not cause irritation
*For smoothest finish I exfoliate my lips first

Tricky applicator

Well done to Pixi B Petra for these amazing liquid lip colors,i have tried man high end to drug store liquid lipsticks but the are truly long lasting and having the perfect formula !!!

Hope u like today's Post!

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Monday, 20 November 2017

my wish list from

Winter has arrived i was hunting for some tops to paired with my denim, i came across this amazing collection of Women Tops by going to share whats in my wish list ^_*

Wool Blend Lapel Duster Coat - Khaki 

Vintage Round Collar Sleeveless Butterflies Print Women's Ball Gown Dress 

Buttoned Embellished Heathered Spliced Blouse 

Loved their items..its a great platform to buy clothes to shoes , accessories to makeup , isnt amazing,it saves up ur time and effort.
I obsessed this online store they have Unique verity of women clothing,i am sure u will going to be love each dress ,this website is just ideal for fashion freaks :)

Hope u like today's Post!

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Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Review: 24k Gold and Roses serum and Porfade Primer by Beautify By Amna

hello my plums, today i am going to share my views on a face serum which was sent to me for review but as always ill be sharing my honest review ...
i am so glad an thrilled to see some newly launched Pakistani cosmetics brands , Beautify By Amna is one of them.

Review: 24k Gold and Rosaes serum and Profade Primer by Beautify By Amna

this Brand is run by talented Husband wife
Suleman belongs from a family with a background of 4 decades in cosmetic manufacturing and leading a major brand in cosmetic industry, He himself being an entrepreneur and expert for cosmetic ingredients which BEAUTIFY skin, hair and body. His wife Amna being a professional makeup artist and a beauty consultant for over a decade.

i got a chance to get my hands on their 24k Serum and Profade primer last month, was so excited specially for the 24k gold serum as i have never tried any serum.before running towards the review let me explain what does actually a serum means and what it dopes to ur skin :) 

What is a Face Serum ??

Face serums are lightweight moisturizers that penetrate deeper to deliver active ingredients into your skin,They are made of very small molecules, so the skin absorbs them quickly and deeply.

Review: 24k Gold and Rosaes serum and Profade Primer by Beautify By Amna

24K Gold & Roses:

 What they Claim:The 24K GOLD & ROSES comes from within the soul of earth with the purest form enriched in vitamins and fatty acids. It’s a Fast absorbing moisturizer i.e. the first step in a professional makeup infused with Gold flakes. These Gold flakes absorb right into your skin, leaving your skin glowing and naturally radiant100% Organic: Rosehip Seed Oil, Rose Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil

Argan Oil & 24k Gold (CI 77490)

Serum comes in Golden bottle with Dropper applicators to dispense just the tiny amount you need.

My Verdict:
well as i mentioned above that this is my first ever facial serum, so when i applied it first time felt it bit oily but after 30-40 seconds its settles down and absorbed in my skin, ( it claims to b suitable for all skin types, but i am not sure will it work or the oily skin or not)
after using it on regular basis (i am using it as  a night cream/serum)  i have noticed that my skin is far netter than before , i have normal to dry skin type and my cheeks get worst in winters, and specially in the start of winter, this time i can see the clear difference, my cheeks are normal and smooth, i apply it before going to bed and wash my face in morning with face wash.
using a serum regularly can give your skin a firmer, smoother texture, make pores appear smaller and increase moisture levels.

PS: u can use it on ur lips to keep them smooth , in short it can be use as a lip balm to .isn't it amazing?? :)

so this is what i felt after using it as a night moisturizer , now i am going to share my experience using it before applying my makeup.
i have used it without and with their primer to see the difference honestly speaking i didn't find any difference, but yes its the best prep product before applying makeup i have ever tried,it makes ur makeup application hell smooth , just loved it <3

Review: 24k Gold and Rosaes serum and Profade Primer by Beautify By Amna



What does it claim?

Your PRO Makeup Begins with a flawless finish with

  • Lightweight, Transparent and oil-free for all skin types
  • Controls Creasing, Fading and Melting Makeup
  • Minimizing the appearance of Pores, Fine lines and Wrinkles
  • Stops Pores visibility after Makeup
  • Flawless Makeup look up to 12 hours
  • All Weather Use

 My Verdict:
Primer works for the one who has large open pores, Alhumdulillah i do not have such issues , i tried it on my fiend's face she has some open pores on he cheeks and yeah it worked, it minimizes the pored instantly and make u skin a perfect smooth surface for the makeup , it has such silky texture and the pea size amount covers ur whole face.
so Hell yes for the primer :)

have u ever tried any face serum?


nicely packed
truly works what they claim
easily available online

bit pricey 
maybe not or oily skin

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Monday, 23 October 2017

Fake: Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette review and swatches

hello my lovelies, i hope u are doing well, well here i am with the most demanding review, i got lots of Dms on my Instagram to share my thoughts on the dupe palette i got few days back,
so here i am :)
Replica makeup is on the rise and is more accessible now a days
, some of them are so close to the genuine makeup, like if u are not a makeup freak or not into the makeup thingy u i bet u wont be able to judge which one is real and which one is fake.

Few days back i tried morphe palette and unexpectedly that was just WOW ,if u missed my review u may Read it HERE.
i came across another Instagram page which sells replica makeup ,i bought a Huda Rose Gold fake palette  from them to check if its real close to the original one.i knew the shadows will be pigmented because i had a great experience buying fake morphe palette.

Fake: Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette review and swatches

Fake: Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette review and swatches
Packaging is similar to the original one,it was hard to judge that its fake unless u open it and notice that there are no textured eyeshadows in it.
Fake: Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette review and swatches

As i mentioned above that fake palette doesn't contain any textured eyeshadows they all are normal powder shades and having good pigmentation, i took the swatches shown above with only one swipe without applying any primer,so no doubt for the price they are very nice, matte and shimmer both eyeshaowds are pigmented and blends so smoothly.
i dont support or promote fake products, just sharing my thoughts to guide u.
i have a normal skin and these fake products actually doesn't reacts to my skin so i always give them a try without any fear, so plz to use them on ur own risk :)


highly pigmented
stays for long time
not chalky
nicely packed

no textured eyeshadows

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Saturday, 7 October 2017

Dermacol Makeup Cover Dupe Review

Hello guys, I hope u all are doing well. wooha i am writing a review post after ages and yes i was missing my old blogging days like hell so i decided t jumped into this world once again .
today i am going to share my review about the most hyped foundation , its not an original one ,one instagram online store sent me Dermacol makeup cover dupe, i dont support fake products but after seeing some amazing review i got so tempted to give a try to this first copy of dermacol.

Lets move to the product now:

Dermacol Make-up Cover provides outstanding coverage with a natural looking finish for your entire face and body. Your skin will be well balanced and have a velvety matte appearance.

Dermacol makeup Cover Dupe Review 
Dermacol makeup Cover Dupe Review

In Day Light

In Flash Light
My Verdict:

well to be very honest i wasn't expecting much from this foundation because its not an original but wooha i got hell surprised when i applied it first time, the texture is super creamy and smooth, it gives a flawless coverage , no need to apply any corrector or concealer underneath, i haven't used any concealer in my both looks above. its superbly pigmented and gives full on coverage,doesnt looks cakey at all.
i would suggest to apply it with a beauty blender instaed of using brush to get more smooth look.
the only thing i dont like is that it breaks down,specially on nose and chin, u need to retouch ur fce after every 1.5 hour.

PS: i do have a normal to dry skin. it claims to be suitable to all skin types. do let me know if u have tried it.

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C ya very soon with another post INSHALLAH

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Friday, 21 July 2017

Puritextiles: Sanam Saeed Luxurt Chiffon Collection vol1

Sanam Saeed Luxury chiffon Collection Vol 1 by @puritextiles is Available Online NOW
COD available Nationwide

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

New Fragrances: The Regal Collection by Juicy Couture - Royal Rose & Majestic Wood

Introducing the First Collection of Luxurious Oriental Scents from Juicy Couture
The Regal Collection
Royal Rose & Majestic Woods

Iconic LA fashion brand Juicy Couture introduces a new era of its best-selling fragrance portfolio with the sumptuous Regal Collection, a new exotic fragrance innovation. The Regal Collection introduces Royal Rose and Majestic Woods, the first two fragrances in a series of premium oriental scents inspired by exotic lands and fairy tales.
The Regal Collection transports the Juicy Girl to a mysterious world of her infinite imagination. The uplifting femininity of Royal Rose inspires her to dream bigger and deeper than ever, while the intoxicating Majestic Woods envelops her and those around her with warmth and sensuality. The distinctly memorable scents of Royal Rose and Majestic Woods are the keys to an exquisite journey through space and time into a mystical world where anything is possible.
Luxurious and elegant, Royal Rose brings together velvet-like floralcy and the most premium notes for a scent as uplifting and deep as it is regal.
This enigmatic bouquet of feminine and bold notes inspires the wearer to harness her inner queen.

This enticing, bold scent brings together gorgeous ambers and dry woods to create a powerful fragrance, fit for royalty.
Captivating and provocative, Majestic Woods empowers and emboldens any woman who wears it.

Royal Rose:                AED 495 100ml
Majestic Woods:       AED 495 100ml