Monday, 27 June 2011

Avon Arabian Bronzing Pearlz

~~My Review on Avon Bronzing Pearls~~ 
This is one of my favorite bronzing pearls. One item in my make-up bag i couldn't imagine running out of. I just love it.
i have been using these bronzing pearls from last years,and they are the best i have ever used they don't make u like you have been tangoed they give you a healthy glow look,i use it with a dusting brush.

                   Priced at:Rs 1200
                 Amount you got :25g

They come in a round, plastic brown box, when you lift the lid, you have a little brown cover that holds the sponge which is supplied with them, If you lift this off you will then see the bronzing pearls. They are little balls of 2 different shades of brown.

it looks great applied with a large brush on the temples, cheeks and bridge of the nose just to warm the skin tone. Brilliant!

My thoughts About It:
It is perfect for any skin type - even those with pale skin - as it gives your skin a lovely, healthy and sunkissed glow ;-)
The packaging is great, no pearls would fall out due to the tight lid.
Try these pearls and share your experience :)

   Sara Gullzaib


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