Sunday, 3 July 2011

Avon Tropical Glow Lipstick!

Hey my fairy's I'm going to review Avon's Tropical Glow lipstick...i don't think its available in Pakistan,one of my aunt gave me this lipstick..she lives in u.k..
i am in love with this lipstick, i thought i should share it with my gurlis...
First have a look at this lipstick.

it has 2 shades(brown and pale gold)

It is very creamy, and pleasant to has an almost reflective quality to it.  And the final attribute that tips the scale,I can honestly say, that "Glam" is in the top 5, of my favorite lip sticks. I don't just like it, I love it!

I use it almost everyday.I wear it in sun. It makes my lip super smooth and dry free. It has no extra perservatives that other lipsticks have.

 Moving forward to pros and cons,

Pros   Smooth and creamy, covers well, nice soft colors that blend naturally.

Cons   Lipstick is very soft and tends to break in half.

I Will be waiting for your comments and opinions:)

   Sara Gullzaib 

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