Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Rimmel Vinyl Max Gloss !

Hey girls here another review on Rimmel i am going to review rimmel Vinyl Max Gloss.
First have a look....

Company says...
“Its soft fibers deposit a thicker gloss coat for voluptuous shine in one effortless stroke. Thanks to its ultra soft and smooth application, color glides effortlessly with great cushioning feel. Our most plumping formula with magnifying complex based on Hydroponic spheres to volumize, smooth lips and reduce fine lines and wrinkles for fuller, plumper lips. Intense color formula for full coverage and an exceptional voluptuous look. Lightweight, non-sticky texture.”

i love the colour and the shine and found it really easy to apply - one stroke of the wand really is enough.

The first thing to mention is the brush. Its a really large wand which makes applying the gloss in one stroke really easy. Apparently the soft fibres of the brush are designed to apply a thicker coat.  It glides on really easily and only one application is required. It gives a great look, very glossy and shiny without being too sticky.It gives a really fresh look that is easy to work into a subtle daytime look or a jazzed up, more dramatic look for a night out.

I liked this gloss, it was easy to apply and lasted well.

The lipgloss comes in six different colours, Excess, Dazzle, Breathless, Desire, Addictive and Outrageous so there is bound to be a colour to suit you.

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   Sara Gullzaib 

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