Thursday, 29 September 2011

Dolly eye Crystal i.Grey Lens by

hey Girls today i am going to review Uniqso's Dolly eye Grey lenses..i have just received parcel from
i love the cute packaging alot..lenses came in cut box along lens case

: 14.5mm
Base Curve
: 8.6mm
Water Content
: 38%


i used these lenses in my Butterfly Look :)

My thoughts:-

These lenses are very soft. Water content was Good. I didn't wear them for 10 long hours, I only wore them 84 hours the most. I find them still okay after 8 hours. No blurriness for me but I find them a little hard to get use to it at the first time. This is because the lens couldn't "sit" properly and I felt that it's a little pokey at first. However, a little eye make up is suggested if you wanted to wear these "big eye" effect lenses. This is because it would look a little ackward by wearing them alone. But it's up to personal preference though, I wear them by itself without any eye makeup  =)

Overall, it's quite a comfy pair of lenses. I would recommend changing these lenses after 8 months (even though this lenses can wore up to one year, better safe than sorry right?).

So that's about it for those who have been wondering about them for a while. =)

You Save: $USD3.00

Rating: A

Here is a discount Code for my Fans...enjoy :)

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   Sara Gullzaib 

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