Friday, 30 September 2011

 hey gulries recently i reviewd Uniqsoc cosmetic contact lens,,,i am loving these so i though i should review their website too...its just so pretty website..first i will tell about uniqso...

About Uniqso is an online store which is selling unique items. We have unique and healthy nail polishes namely
AQmore & fancy and safe to use circle lenses. We offer the best quality of nail polishes and color lenses in the
market through online.

About AQmore:
What is so unique about AQmore?

1. Made of natural ingredients

AQMORE water-based nail polishes use the most natural ingredients, with water as the most primitive elements. It is

made of 50% of the water, where it not only protects your nails, but also the environment. It is highly recommended for

users who concern about their health.

2. Chemical free

Nail polishes in the market currently bring harm to the human body as its main ingredient are organic solvents, such

as acetone, toluene or formaldehyde as the solvent base, which is a harsh dehydrating agent. Traditional nail polishes in

the market usually eroded the enamel on your nails surface and caused many rough small pits on it, this is to make the

nail polish last longer. However, the longer you use, the easier the pigment precipitates, and nails become dry and

yellowish. Even the world-famous brands are using these traditional chemical raw materials. Don’t sacrifice the

healthiness of your nails.

3. Convenient and easy to remove

If you want to remove your AQmore, just dip your fingers in warm water for 20-30 seconds, using the finger nail tips,

gently lift up the coat of nail enamel from the edges of the nail surface, peel off the nail enamel once the edges have

been successfully dislodged, done and completely removed like a mask, apply the nail essence / cream evenly on the nail

surface to nourish and moisture the nails

4. No polish remover needed

If your nail art design went wrong, just use the wet paper towel to wipe the errors. This is where a common nail polish

cannot do. You will have to use polish remover to remove the errors, but it will damage you hard effort nail art.

5. Meets international testing

AQmore meets international SGS and FDA testing, dermatologists recommend AQmore as it is made of natural

ingredients, contains no organic solvents, which will not to hurt your skin and nails.

What is so unique about our circle lens? 


1. Quality Manufacturers
Our circle lenses are made by Korean manufacturers who do not compromise on the quality of the
products. Every single step from producing to packaging is handled carefully by them.

2. Fitting design
Our lenses are comfortable to wear on as the thickness of 0.025mm and Base Curve of 8.6mm is
similar to our eyes’ structure. This will "lock" the lens on the eye balls to prevent it moving around.

3. Comfortable to wear on
One of the prominent features of our circle lenses is its high water content. It allows our eyes to
"breathe" through the contact lens; the higher water content, the more oxygen permeable, our eyes
won't get dry easily.

4. Big Eye Effect
Under Beuberry, I.Fairy & Show Mix series, it’s bigger (>16mm) diameter makes your eyes look even
bigger and charming. Of course we have 14mm diameter if you prefer natural look.

5. Variety Patterns
We have variety of special designs such as Hello Kitty, flower, star, diamond and etc which you may
not find it in the market.

6. Meets regulatory body testing
Dolly Eye circle lenses are manufactured by EOS while Beuberry & I.Fairy circle lenses are
manufactured by SUNnBON. Show-Mix circle lenses are manufactured by GnG. All companies meet
KFDA (Korean Food & Drug Administration) testing and don't worry that our circe lens comes from

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