Tuesday, 1 November 2011

~~Butterfly halloween eye makeup Tutorial~

Hi girls...hope u r doing well.Today i am here with a step by step Butterfly Halloween eye makeup Tutorial :)
hope u like my efforts:)

Step No 1
Apply eye primer on ur eyes and Draw a sketch of butterfly with liquid eyeliner.

Step No 2
Fill The butterfly wid shimmery eyeshadows !

                                                                              Step No 3
Apply pink eyeshadow and silver highlighter...mascara eyeliner and kajal :)
                                                                            Step No 4

Paste some rhinestones and fake eye lashes for dramatic look( u can paste the stones with eyelashes glue) 

Step No 5 (optional)
 Wear Contact lenses and u r done ;)

~~For Butterfly i Used~~
~ essence Eyeliner (review coming soon)
~shimmery Eyeshadows from Claire's eyeshadow palette Read review HERE
~ Becute pearl powder Read Review HERE
~The Color Institute 18 pc. Baked & Brilliant Collection For Face and Eye Read Review Here

~~For Eyes I Used~~
~Christine Eyeshadow base read review HERE
~Mabrook 48 color eye shadow  palette( pink and silver eyeshadow) (review coming soon)
~ Rommel Day 2 Night mascara Read Review Here
~ Essence Eye liner
~Oriflame kajal
~Paperself Peach small blossoms eyelashes read review HERE
~ Grey Dolly eye Lenses By Uniqso read review Here

For face i used
~Rimmel stay matt Foundation read review Here
~Loreal Face powder

Thanks for reading!
I Will be waiting for your comments and opinions:)

   Sara Gullzaib 

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