Thursday, 6 October 2011

Clarie's Eyeshadow Palette

hey my lovelies...hope u r doing well.:)
i am so exited today...the reason of my excitement is that i am going to Review one of my favorite Eyeshadow palette By Claire's

let me Introduce claire's 24 EyeShadow palette

packaging is just average...comes with transparent Lid...(not good plastic)
The only bad thing I have to say about this is the packaging, you have to be careful with these. I dropped mine onto the table and it cracked. (Lid)

It has 24 Shimmery Eyeshadows with 2 dual foam tipped applicators..
The darker colors like the black, dark grey, and dark blue eyeshadows stay on longer than the lighter colors, but the lighter colors still last really long. I don’t have any trouble belnding these eyeshadows. The eyeshadows all are glittery, but I really like how the shimmer looks. It isn’t too chunky or tacky looking. I would definitely recommend these eyeshadows. I’ve tried all kind of high end eyeshadows as well as drugstore, and I have to say, these are probably as good as MAC. They are so pigmented for a really cheaper price. They also have a really good staying power, and applying and blending are a piece of cake with these eyeshadows. Seriously, these eyeshadows are great quality; it may be hard to believe but it’s definitely true. These are a great deal, and I am definitely buying these again.

**use these shadows with wet brush for fine result!
i have created a rainbow look with this palette lets have a look  o_0

Hope u like this look :)

The things i have used:

NYX jumbo pencil in Milk (as eyeshadow base)  Read my review HERE
Rimmel Day 2 Night mascara Read My review  HERE
Essence Eyeliner
Grey Lens By Uniqso read my review HERE

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Rating A+

price $12

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   Sara Gullzaib 

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