Wednesday, 23 November 2011

~~Biocera ion spray From Korea Cosmetics ~~

Hey girls Today i am going to review a miracle...yeah i will call it a miracle is Biocera ion spray From Korea cant even guess how many benefits u can get just from a small bottle.its Biocera Ion Silver spray..u just have to put purify water in the bottle and its ready to use...isn't it so simple??

Silver Ion Spray:

The product is colloid silver water manufacturing device that is possible to use any time and any place.

Colloid silver is natural antibiotics that has no side effect s and moisturizing effect is excellent as the tourmaline ball makes ordinary water into weak alkaline water.

Tourmaline Balls: That makes the water change into weak alkaline
Water so it gives it a superior moisturizing effect and is great for the skin.

*Silver Foam: This is known for its antibiotics uses, even before the penicillin appeared! It also helps disinfect your environment.

Practical Life Application effect Of Biocera Ion Spray:~~ Spray on hands after using the toilet
~~Once spray to mouth before sleep at night,it produce superior effect on mouth smell next  morning.
~~for the fold and tonsillitis spray to throat inside before sleep
~~Spray on Armpit and foot 2~3 times daily
~~for the pimple skin,spray 3~4 times a day at any time.

* yous just have to spray on ur face before applying any makeup and after taking off ur will do wonder on ur skin :)

How to Use:
Fill clean water in the empty container and shake and spray from the certain distance

Nice packaging
easy to use
Great product for makeup lovers
Portable..u can place it in ur hand bag
Product life span : approx 2~3 years
(using 500 times possible)

U have to put Purify water..if u will put tap water  that could shorten the life span of the silver foam

Overall… I really like the product, it does exactly what it supposed to:)

Would i Recommend it?yes i would defiantly recommend it and buy its again :)

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