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Thursday, 27 October 2011

~~Rimmel Lycra PRO in "Pop Rose" ~~

Hey Lovelies today  i am going to share Rimmel's "Pop Rose" with you. It's a gorgeous Barbie bubblegum pink  and as u know  i love pink color

Packaging:Good size, good bottle, good cap. Nothing to complain about.

Brush:As mentioned on the cap, Rimmel's polish comes with the newly designed Maxi Brush.
I have never used such an amazing brush before. I LOVE how fat it is,The bristles also have quite a lot of resistance, so that I do not accidentally press it all the way down on my nails, such that the brush fans out too much, thins the liquid too much, and thereby causing streaks

I think the viscosity of the liquid is perfect!
i layered 2 coats with a top coat.
Drying:Very fast. Though it was still not fully dry overnight, I could easily apply the 2nd coating pretty fast and touch it without leaving fingerprints. No horrible smudging and no need to put that Manicure Protector thing on my nails!
Colour Selection:It's just too bad that Rimmel's Colour selection are very limited to basic colours such as beige, nude, and pinks.

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Sara Gullzaib 

~~Model 21 lashes Review~~

Hi lovelies today i am doing to do another post about fake eyelashes by Model 21..these lashes was sent me for review 2 weeks back....
I love wearing false lashes on a regular basis because they're fun and it makes all the difference when you're doing makeup looks. With lashes, the more dramatic the better! They do the job and I have worn one set more than once. So I would recommend them. They were only $10 for ten pair w/ no shipping so it was a great deal! All of Model 21 lashes are 100% handmade out of real hair (black hair-like fibers for the more dramatic lashes). 

What i love About Model 21:
 ~love the fact that the band of the lashes (the part that holds all the hairs together) is very flexible. Some lashes make their bands too thick and it makes the lashes harder for it to stay on my lash line. Other lash bands are too thin, making it too flimsy beyond my control. These are perfect.

~Another thing is the tape that the lashes stick to on the box is very sticky so I suggest using tweezers to remove them otherwise the hairs can be pulled and you could ruin the look of them. So delicate hands are needed!

~These lashes also blend really well with my natural eyelashes. They're light, easy to apply, and there's no need for trimming.

What i do not Like about Model 21:
I hate the packaging however. They are on a piece of cardboard and glued to it. The plastic is a thin sheet offering no protection, so in my opinion it is easy to flatten or damage the lashes when being shipped or when storing. If they changed the packaging, this would be a great product.

AVAILABLE AT: model21eyelashes
PRICE: Prices vary between $6-$8 USD for a box of 10 lashes
(Averages out to about $.70-$.80 per pair of lashes)

False Eyelashes from Model 21 Eyelashes visit the website at

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