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All-Ett Worlds Thinnest Wallet Review

Hey Girls today i am going to write about world's Thinnest women wallet by ALL.ETT .l hate fat wallets! I'm always taking mine out of my pocket and setting it on my desk,car,etc.This wallet is definitely thin and amazing.I don't carry much,If you carry NOTHING but credit cards,visiting cards and cash.I routinely carry a wallet in my small handbag; my old wallets were too big for this. In addition, it holds pictures better than most standard wallets which is a very nice feature, possibly overlooked.i love the material because leather is one of my favorite materiel for bags and wallets

About ALL.ETT:

ALL-ETT products are handmade in the U.S.A. By manufacturing here in the states we support our economy and provide jobs for Americans while producing the highest quality wallets in the world. There are many imitators out there but don't be fooled, ALL-ETT Billfolds is the original world's thinnest wallet.
Inside is 4 rows of pockets, you "stack " your cards. The insides are made of parachute material, keeping the thickness down.

Carrying a thin wallet is much more comfortable and better for your back. Thick wallets can create sciatic nerve damage and lower back pain. ALL-ETT's line of thin wallets and money clips can help you avoid back pain while still carrying all of your stuff.


ALL-ETT Billfolds wants you to be 100% happy with your purchase.
You may return or exchange your wallet for any reason up to 30 days after purchase.

About this wallet:

You can fit up to 5 cards into each pocket, so up to 20 cards in the wallet. There's no additional material between each card like a traditional wallet again helping to keep the wallet thinner.
The "trick" is to put your most used cards on the top and the bottom of the stack. That way you can easily grab the card you want without having to take out all the cards from the pocket and "shuffle" through them.

There's a short pocket for currency and then a bigger pocket that runs all the way down the wallet for receipts and larger pieces of paper.on the outer back side it has a zipper pocket in which u can put coins.



All in all a great line of wallets. Certainly keeps the size down.

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