Saturday, 30 June 2012

Review:Bondi Band Head Band water color

I do jogging daily so i love to wear head bands while jogging and work out,few days back i got a chance to try Bondi Band head band.i usually use cotton head bands  but i like the Lycra fabric....its has amazing absorbing power.I was impressed by how much sweat it absorbed. It was actually really heavy after the workout because it had absorbed so much sweat.

Product Description:
Lycra headbands dry fast but are not technically wicking material. These headbands are all about Fun, Fashion, and Function!
Their website even has an option for design your own Bondi Band! And they’re only $8 (plus shipping and taxes) each! Okay, some were $9, but still a really good price.

i love the print pattern...its so funky and color full..i was sent 2 bands one for review and one for one lucky fan will get this head Enter the guiveaway Here

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