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Review:Luminess Air Brush System Everyday Beauty System

I have Always wanted to try this,luckily won Luminess Air Brush System(everyday makeup system) from Luminess Facebook page...i was so exited to gt my hands on my air brush...I watched the dvd which is short and to the point, and then I got started!
Luminess Air Brush System

Luminess Air Brush System

Luminess Air Brush System

Luminess Air Brush System
the system comes in a box which contains:
*cleaning bottel
*8 bottels of makeup(4 shades of foundations,1 bronzer,1 moisturizer,1 blush on,1glow,)


Everyday Makeup System:
The Everyday Beauty System -Luminess Newest Beauty System model, now in Black great for every day makeup needs. Features one-touch airbrush system with constant air speed for face and neck, our easy -to- single action Airbrush Stylus and Stylus holder integraded to the compressor.

My Expierence:
Aftre watching Dvd I couldn't wait to try it so I put some drops in the machine and started spraying. The coverage was really Awesome, it instructs you to use 3-4 drops.Because of all of the scaring, it takes me a lot more than that many drops. I have to do at least 3 'layers' which takes about 15 drops all together.
The only thing I would recommend is a super pale or almost white 'base' so you can mix it with the darker colors in the winter when skin is lighter. This would also help when you have lots of darker colors from not choosing the right color the first time. If I could just mix my 'tan' with some white/light drops, it would be perfect and would save everyone money.
I love Luminess and hope that everyone finds this review helpful.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to allow each layer to dry for a couple seconds. I find using the air coming out of the airbrush without pulling on the lever a huge help in drying.

* Lasts forever, and gives a flawless radiant glow
* The look of blemishes, acne, red spots and large pores can be diminished or appear to vanish
* Exact color match of foundation is possible because different shades can be mixed together
* Lightweight...feels like you don't have any makeup on
* Great on face and body
* Minimizes the look of wrinkles and fine lines
* Get the exact amount of coverage you need...from light to maximum coverage
* Very hygienic - brushes never touch your face



Would i Recommend it?
I highly recommend it to anyone who suffers from acne or any other skin issues.

I hope my review will be helpful!!

P.S: this is my 100th Post on my blog :D

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