Thursday, 13 September 2012

Review: Hair Chalk By

Hair chalking is the latest trend of temporary hair i am gonna introduce hair chalks by my was sent a box contains 5 vibrant colors hair chalks.

Things u will need:
  • Hair chalk ( )
  • your hair :)
  • Hair spray (to lock the color in place)
  • I use a spray bottle of water
  • I also like to either go over it with a straightener or curling iron also optional
Step 1:
choose a section slightly

Step 2:
then rub hair calk on ur hair

Step 3:
Spray lightly with hairspray
Step 4: I set it with a flat iron or curling iron (optional)

My Review:
I Love hair chalking it let's me have fun hair without the commitment of normal dyes, and in no way is damaging to my hair, it also allows me to change up the colors as much as I want too!!

Would i Recommend it?

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