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 Ever wonder how some women’s makeup looks flawless and perfectly blended? They use brushes to achieve that look. I was super excited to get my hands on Lamineral's makeup brushes set .

The Package Comes with 18 makeup brushes set which contains:
1. BIG Fan brush
2. Big Powder brush
3. Bronzer/Blush brush
4. Wet Foundation brush
5. Flat contour brush
6. Smudge brush
7. Big shading brush
8. Big concealer brush
9. Medium Concealer brush
10. Short shader brush
11. Fan brush
12. Eyeshadow brush
13. Eyeliner brush
14. Medium eyeshadow brush
15. Lip brush
16. Sponge Eyeshadow Applicator
17. Lash brush
18. Eyebrow brush

 What Company Says :
We were absolutely breathless when we first received this set from our manufacturer. Such quality, density, and softness is hard to find. This exquisite set comes with all the brushes you will ever need!
i love the packaging..Nicely Packaged in a Classy Clutch with Magnetic Snap Closure!

On sale: 

My Verdict:
As most people know, having the right tools is important to any project. The same goes for make up. When wanting to achieve a flawless make up look it is essential to use quality brushes,They don't shed, the keep their shape, and they pick up product unbelievably. This set has every brush I could never need for my day to day look and then some. I know that these brushes will be with me for years to come and I recommend this set to any beginning make up user. I love the high quality of the brushes! the bristles are great quality and i know i will have these for years to come,They apply powders and eyeshadows well and the blender brush works damn  nicely.I love how soft and well these brushes work they really distribute the product wel.

you can buy these brushes from Here

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