Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Tip Of The Day:How To Make Orange Peel Home Made Scrub For All Skin Type!

Girls today i am gonna tell u how to make Orange Peel Homemade Scrub...believe me its just awesome and gives u amazing result :)
Yes,I am talking about ex-foliating your skin. Dead skin cells, tanning etc can effectively be got rid off by using ex-foliating scrubs. However, one should not use the scrub daily to ex-foliate. If your skin is oily you may need once a week. For more drier skin once a month is more than enough.

What you'll be needed:
Orange Peel Powder
Milk/Rose Water

How Do u Make Orange peel Powder:
Peel several oranges. Dry the peels under the sun. Make sure that they are thoroughly dried. Then, pop the dried peels into a grinder & GRIND! That's it,u cab save this powder in air tight jar for 6 months :)

How To Use:
Take some powder and add milk to make the paste (for Normal Skin)
Gently scrub in circular motion and rinse with warm water. It's a wonderful scrub and so easy to make and the effects are immediately visible. You can notice squeaky clean feel that leaves behind.

For Oily Skin Use Rose Water instead of Milk
For Dry skin use full cream  
instead of milk

Thanks For Reading,
Sara <3

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