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Review:Paperself false Eyelashes Antique Jewelery!

Hello Beauties i am so exited about my this blog post because today i am going to review one if my favorite False eyelashes brand Paperself,Paperself is a brand who is introducing some different kind of fake eyelashes

About Paperself:
Paperself effortlessly fuse traditional Chinese cutting techniques with contemporary paper designs. Offering an avant-garde angle on beauty, Paperself create a selection of intricate false lashes from horses to lace-like peach blossom and peony styles, each paired with an individual symbolic meaning. Encouraging experimentation, try one of the false lash styles for an original look.

“The only real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new
landscapes but in having new eyes.” Marcel Proust

PAPERSELF is a London brand under Oaddx Ltd., which is a platform for looking
into the innovative exploration of paper for contemporary product design.

The world has started to communicate by use of paper since the ancient Egyptians. It
has bought continents closer together, educated millions and for centuries has provided
a canvas for creation, experimentation and realization.

Paper is everywhere and now it is evolving into a new dimension with the launch of
the London brand PAPERSELF in 2009. Chunwei Liao, the founder of new cardboard
and paper design company, PAPERSELF, has united artists, designers and manufacturers
from the East to the West to explore the beauty of paper in a creative, practical and
eco-friendly way.

Challenging the conventions of product design, PAPERSELF has successfully
introduced and launched their paper collections: paper eyelashes (2010), transformer
table, lighting, and wallpaper (2009). In 2010, Pulse presented PAPERSELF with the
Best Product Award. With this success and innovative attitude, PAPERSELF will
continue to explore and develop any possibilities of paper usage across all the
boundaries for eco-conscious living.

PAPERSELF is quickly gaining recognition for its inventive adaptations, having
exhibited at numerous trade fairs and design forums across the globe, as well as being
featured in some of the top international publications and online media. Continuing to
expand and evolve, PAPERSELF looks to the future, seeking out new talent, transcending
traditions and promoting the perception of paper through new eyes.

This is a beginning of a paper revolution.

I was sent Antique Jewelery,which is Inspired by the history of jewellery and the beauty of stained glass window ‘antique jewellery’ is adorned with beads and pearl and held together by a structured cluster of stained glass mosaic shapes, with arrangements inspired by the shape of a tiara.
The contrasting decorative elements gives the ‘antique jewellery’ a glamorous and classy look, as well as emphasis the art of mosaic and transparency of stained glass window.

My Thoughts About It: I usually don't like stuff that looks odd. But I have to admit, I was and am drawn to these.The lashes come in several styles and each style seems to have both a large and a small size set of lashes. These are Antique Jewelery at $12.50 a pair, but they're truly a unique product. I've never seen lashes like these.These would look great with a simple outfit and they will be the stand-out accessory.Now when applying them they were kind of difficult to get on without feeling like they were going to rip. Since they are made of paper you have to be extra gentle.

Comfort: 9/10 the comfort level was good
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