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Simple way to get FREE VCC via!

Good News: Simple way to get FREE VCC via!



Can I verify my card with PayPal?
Bancore virtual card can be used to verify your PayPal account however it is not possible to transfer money from PayPal account to your virtual card.
Please note that when adding the card to PayPal for the first time, PayPal has a process where they charge the card a small value for verification purposes.
PayPal verification code will appear in your virtual card statement within 3-5 working days or you can contact Bancore support team to receive the code.
If virtual card has a zero balance this verification fails.
Please deposit some funds to your Bancore virtual VISA card before verifying it with PayPal.

Prepaid Virtual VISA® Card
  Sign Up and get your first Bancore® Virtual VISA® for free.
Bancore Free Virtual VISA® card works as a traditional VISA® card – instantly available on your mobile phone or WEB browser. If you need a traditional VISA® card as well, you can order your personal card online or purchase an anonymous card at an authorized Bancore® agent.

The Virtual VISA® gives you access to millions WEB shops*. It even gives you a secure and no paper trail when shopping. Visit your favourite shop online and start shopping instantly after sign-up.

Once you have signed up with Bancore® and received your Virtual VISA®, you can even purchase additional Virtual VISA® cards to share with family and friends.

Requires no registration or bank account
Can be used anywhere a VISA® card is accepted online*
Full transaction history
Your first Virtual VISA® card is free

Don’t wait – sign up HERE

*) Note Apple® does not accept Virtual VISA® at iTunes®.

Where I can use my Bancore virtual card?

Bancore virtual card is accepted everywhere normal VISA card is accepted including Google Play, PayPal, Ebay, Amazon, Godaddy.
Please note that some merchants may have their internal security rules that may restrict use of certain credit card types. Apple® does not accept Virtual VISA at iTunes.

How to register in Bancore system?

Select sign up and specify your mobile number to proceed with the registration. Select Call me button, to receive a call from Bancore system. Please use your phone number in international format with country code. You will be asked to set up your personal 4 digits pin code that you will use to access your Bancore account. The pin code must be dialed on the phone after the signal. Once pin code will be set up, return to to log in with your phone number and pin code to your Bancore account.
Please follow the link to watch Bancore video instructions on how to register in Bancore system
Bancore® Virtual VISA® Fees:

Fee/$ Fee/£ Fee/€
Issue Virtual Card Fee FREE FREE FREE
Card Load Fee 5.0%(min $2.49) 5.0%(min £1.49) 5.0%(min €1.99)
Transfer to Virtual/Plastic Card (between own accounts) $0.30 £0.15 €0.20
Transfer to Virtual/Plastic Card (between diffrent accounts/persons) 2.00% (+$ 45 if done manually by Bancore) 2.00% (+£ 20 if done manually by Bancore) 2.00% (+€ 25 if done manually by Bancore)
Transfer to Bancore/Bank account $7.99 £4.49 €5.49
Dormant account fee - charged after 6 months of inactivity $5.49 £2.99 €3.99
Close account / Withdraw to credit/debit card $7.99 £4.49 €5.49
Chargeback processing fee (Fee per transaction) $7.99 £4.49 €5.49
Transfer between currencies MC/VISA rates+3.00% MC/VISA rates+3.00% MC/VISA rates+3.00%
Billing currency conversion service charge 3.00% 3.00% 3.00%
Category Minimum Maximum
Funds loaded per day $20 / £10 / €15 $2,000 / £1,000 / €1,500
Funds loaded per month $20 / £10 / €15 $20,000 / £10,000 / €15,000
Balance on each card NIL $6,000 / £3,500 / €4,500

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