Monday, 4 March 2013

Tip Of the Day:Easy Nail Care Tips!

Who Doesn't like well manicured and shiny fingernails,Do check out these easy nail care tips that don't take much work or time.Your nails really can look great :)

Just as you moisturize your hands on a regular basis, make a habit of rubbing off some of it onto your nails and attempt to absorb it into them like you would normally do on your skin.

*Base coat:

Always use a base coat before applying any other color or nail art onto your nails. It protects your natural nail.

*Avoid using nail polish too frequently:
Let your nails breathe and avoid using nail polish too frequently. Leave them without polish for a few days or else an ugly yellow tint will develop on the nails.

*Cut Your Nails After Your Shower or Bath:

When you need to trim your nails, it's best to do it after they've been soaking for some time. They are more pliable and easy to trim without cracking. You don't need to specifically soak the nails if you don't have time, just cut them right after your shower or bath. They'll be perfectly ready to cut.

* Use rubber gloves:
Always use rubber gloves while doing dishes or working with detergents in order to protect your

*Lemon Peel:
For pinkish and shiny looking nails, rub a lemon peel on them twice a day in circular motions

Hope u like the tips :)
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