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Tips:My Secrets of Applying Eyeshadows ;

First of All i wanna say a Big thank you to all of u for liking tips and my Makeup tutorials,xxxx <3
Many of u are asking about the eyeshadow tips,how do i blend so well?what shade to be applied on brow bones etc i am going to answer ur all Eyeshadow related Questions through this blog post :)

Where to apply what color?

  • Brow Bone: This is where you’ll usually by putting highlighter or soft tone products.
  • Crease: This is where you’ll be putting contouring colors like your darker eye shadow shades.
  • Lid: This is where you’ll be putting your base color.
  • Upper Lash Line: You won’t be paying much attention to this one with eye shadow. It’s generally where your eyeliner will go.
  • Outer V: We won’t really be paying attention to the outer v in the basic tutorials I’ll be sharing here but we’ll get into it when we move on to more advanced tutorials.
  • Inner Corner: The inner corner will only really be touched on a bit in the tutorials at the end but we’ll do a little more with it in later tutorials.
  • Tear Duct: Same as above. We’ll use this but not in the two tutorials in this article.
  • Waterline: We’re going to talk about the lower water line but only in the tips section. We’ll talk about why when we get there.
  • Lower Lash Line: Not to repeat myself, but this is another one we’re going to save for more advanced tutorials.

Brush the base color to the entire eye up to the brow bone "base is the lightest color",Then apply the Lid Color and the highlighter,Always start with light then darker.use a good quality blending brush.

Tip No 2: Never apply deep color to your Browbone:
Never apply deep color on ur brow bone,always choose light glowing eyeshadow.

Tip No 3: Set Eyeshadow Base:
Always apply eyeshadow base/primer before applying eyeshadow,it will set the eyeshadow stay for hours.
i do use Nyx Jumbo pencil in milk and Christine eyeshadow base.

Tip No 4: Shimmers:
Shimmers are hot..if u want to make ur eyes pop,apply shimmer over any eyeshadow makes eyes really  Pop :)

Tip No 5:Tap:
One common mistake is to load the makeup brush with too much color, so it scatters all over the eyelid and right below it. Tap the brush against a canister or the side of table, so you get just the right amount of color.
Another tip? Dust a little baby powder under your eyes. So, if any eyeshadow particles happen to scatter on your cheeks, it won’t cling to your makeup. Then, when you’re ready, take a big makeup brush (the type you use to apply foundation) and swish off the baby powder.

Tip No 6 How to pair eyeshadow with lip color:

Always do remember the beauty rule if u r wearing Dark lip color do not wear dark eyeshadow colors.and if u are wearing dark eyeshadow color then wear nude colors on lips ^_^

Tip No 7 Keep to the edge:
Don’t apply highlighter across your whole eye. Just use it on the outside edge, starting from the outer corner and
up to the middle. (Blend well with another color.) If you cover the whole eye with the highlighter your eye will look smaller.

Tip No 8 Add a touch of white:
Apply white eye shadow in the inner corner of eye and tear duct to make eye look wider :)
Here is Step by step help 4 u :)

 Step 1

Apply an eyeshadow base to help color last longer. Then choose a light eyeshadow color as a base shadow. Using a small shadow brush, apply it lightly across your entire lid, from brow to lash line.

Step 2

Next use a medium-toned eyeshadow shade to cover your lids, or just use it around the edges and up into the crease in a v-shape.

Step 3

Use the brush blend eyeshadow by stroking the lid lightly.
(For large eyes, sweep a light shade over lid and darker shade on the outer corner of the lid and the crease.)

Step 4

Outline the eyes by applying eyeliner on the outer side of your upper and lower lids while tapering a bit on the outside of the eye to elongate it.

 Step 5

Dab a white or cream shadow in the middle of the brow bone, right above your pupil, as the final step.

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