Thursday, 27 June 2013

Quick Tutorial: How to Contour Cheek Bones for a Natural Look!!

Hello My Plums...i am supper thrilled to share my this quick tutorial post with i.u will surely loveit..its all about contouring ur cheek bone for a natural look
So here's a Quick and easy way which i do to contour my cheeks :)

What u ll be needing:
*Angled Blush brush
*Fluffy bif blush brush
*Flat tip blush brush
*A darker blush on/bronzer than ur blush on
*A blush on
*Any card...can be ur collage/credit card :P

 Step 1:
Hold a card on little lower of ur cheek bons like shown in the pic and apply darker blush on/ bronzer with angled blush brush.

Step 2:
Blend it well with fluffy blush brush.

Step 3:
Apply the lighter blush on with flat tip blush brush all over ur cheek (including the contoured area)

Note: u can Illuminate the area above the cheekbone with a Mineral Glow (Highlighter) :)

I have used Rivaj uk blush on review HERE
Rimmels blush on Santa rose Review  Here

Other Contouring Tips:
To make a wide or very round forehead appear narrower, shade just the temples or sides of the forehead.
To slim your nose you would apply the contouring shade on each side blending carefully, and the highlighter down the center of your nose.
If you want your nose to appear shorter. Shade the underside of the tip of your nose.
For a small, thin chin, apply highlighter to the center of the chin, directly under the center of the lip.
To minimize a double chin, apply a darker foundation shade (don’t go too dark) along the jaw line and blend it down, towards your neck. This creates depth and helps to strengthen the jaw line.

Hope u Enjoyed the post :)

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