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Review: Naked Mineral Premium Handmade Kabuki Brush

I Recently got a chance to try A cute lil baby kabuki brush by Naked Minerals,its a Premium Handmade Kabuki Brush.i am totally in love with this baby.let me introduce the brand with u then will cum back to the brush topic :)



~About Naked Minerals~

Our Vision

Naked Minerals wants to bridge the gap between beauty and wellness. We intend to not only to make the skin look beautiful, but assure the products you are putting on your skin can promote a healthier skin. Dedicated to this purpose, we make one simple promise.. we provide a pure mineral makeup that has no harmful ingredients added. This is a result of years of research, and is backed by a certificate of purity. The dedication of the Naked Minerals team has led to the development of a mineral makeup that is not only beautiful, and healthy, but considers the lifestyle of today's consumer adding the element of ease and convenience. Our promise to you is the "Naked Truth".

About Naked Mineral Premium Handmade Kabuki Brush
Get quick and perfect application of your minerals every time with this amazingly soft kabuki brush. The kabuki brush is a must-have for everyone. Each Naked Minerals™ brush is handmade for quality shaping and feathering from soft, natural goat and pony hair tips. We guarantee that you’ll love this brush!

Other brushes cost only pennies to manufacture because the hair tips are cut to produce more and cheaper brushes. But the best makeup needs the best brush, right? Naked Mineral brushes are made by the highest quality manufacturing standards of any company in the industry.

• Allows just the right amount of makeup to be picked up for application to the skin
• Gives a natural, even and airbrushed look, leaving no streaks on the skin
• Leaves no stray brush hairs on the face

“You could purchase a more expensive make-up brush—but not a better one!”
This is actually a sign of a high-end quality brush as our brushes are actually made by hand (not machine) and we use only the best natural goat and pony hair (no man-made materials). Just swirl the brush around in the palm of your hand in circular motions back-and-forth for about a minute or so each time before your first 2 or 3 uses. After that, shedding should stop and give you years of premium service assuming you clean your brushes on a routine basis. As with any high-quality brush, for long-life and continued best application, please wash your brush with a mild shampoo just as you would wash your own hair. Allow the brush to lie on its side or if possible, hang it upside down for best drying results. Never stand a brush upward to dry! This prevents weakening the glue that holds the hairs intact as well as minimizing possible contamination.

My Thoughts:
well this is my first ever hand made brush..i am totally in love with this baby..the bristles are just awesomely smooth.
it allows just the right amount of makeup to be picked up.
It helps you give a very natural airbrushed look without leaving brush hairs on face.its so handy just a cute small baby lol
Price: $19.95
U may buy it from Here

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