Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Review:Sally Hansen's Maximum Daily Nail Growth Program

have u ever heard about those nail polishes who claims to growth ur nails speedily?i recently got a chance to try sally Hansen's maximum nail growth.and i was surprised with the result.i do not have nail growth problem at all but i wanted to check the result of this product so i cut my nails and started using this..oh first let me tell u about this nail growth and explain u what does it claim :)

Maximum GrowthA solution for short, brittle and weak nails

Visible results in 1 week!
A growth treatment that fortifies and protects nails so they can grow. Triple-protein and silk formula instantly reinforces soft, bitten and weak nails.

Application Tips:Apply 1 coat to bare nails every other day or use under nail color.


Improves overall nail condition
Protects nails from breaking and splitting to allow nails to grow

Price $10

The Maximum Growth Daily Nail Growth nail polish comes in a regular nail polish bottle. The polish inside the container appears pink, but it goes on clear. The application is smooth and one dip inside the nail polish container covers 2-3 nails. Since the formula is clear, there is no worry about any spill over to your finger tips or cuticles. Directions state that the bottle should be shaken gently, and one coat of the Maximum Growth Daily Nail Growth formula should be applied to clean.
I would highly recommend Sally Hansen Maximum Nail Growth Daily Nail program as a way to grow stubborn nails.
u will surely get amazing results.

Final thoughts:

This is  MIRACLE, my nails did grow.they did grow as long or as fast as they usually would

Have u ever tried any nail growth nail polish?
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Love Sara <3

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