Friday, 2 May 2014

Review: Rosehip oil from love organic Pakistan

15 days back i got a chance to try rosehip oil by Love Organic Pakistan.i do not like face oils alot but i was bit exited to give it a try.let me introduce u first what is rose hip oil and what is rosehip fruit. :)

What is Rosehip oil:
Rose hip seed oil is a pressed seed oil, extracted from the seeds of a wild rose bush in the southern Andes. Rosehip seed oil can also be extracted from Rosa canina, which grows in many regions of the world including South Africa and EuropeRose Hip Plant:
Rosehip comes from the Fruit of the Rose Flower. 
​The oil from the Rosehip works on a cellular level to rejuvenate skin. Rich in vitamin C, high in omega 3 & 6 & 9, essential fatty acids known to heal some scar tissue, reduce wrinkles, 
crows feet and fine lines.Its a great natural skin moisturizer and great treatment for dry skin.

What does it claims:
Rosehip oil's potent natural actives make it highly effective for scars and stretch marks and other skin concerns including dehydrated and aging skin.

About love organic:
Hi,When I was younger I could never use any skincare product on my face because of an allergic reaction.After living in the West for many years, I realized the importance of Organic and Natural skincare.Finally skincare products which I could use!!!! Many consumers have become health conscious and have started to revert back to organic and natural products because of the harmful chemicals found in many skin and hair products.I realized that High quality organic and natural skincare at affordable prices wasnt available for the women living in Pakistan. Hence, I started my own skincare range.I hope that you love our products as much as we do!Love Organic, Love Natural!
Saira Khan

Price: 700rs

My verdict:i have been using this oil from last 15 days.i do have a combination skin type (normal to dry).I use this serum after my nightly facial clense and i will massage in (stroking face in upwards circular motions) 3drops is recommended but the fist time i used it,i needed about the morning my skin was so smooth and soft.after few days i started to noticed that face look so clear, my pores look more refined and i hardly noticed them!
it adsorbs in skin so fast and not greasy at all and it does work.Since its getting so hot in my country so i will only use it twice week.
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