Monday, 23 February 2015

Review: Curliss pro automatic curler New Design Professional LCD Automatic Hair Curler by J:P Beauty!

I Got so exited  when i saw this curler on amazon with £65 price tag,because i saw another brand automatic curler with £130 tag which was totally out of my budget loli read the reviews all were positive and good so i decided to get my hand on this beauty :)

Lemme tell u what product is this actually,its a Pro Automatic curler oh yes Automatic,now no more burnt finger's and i am gonna get my perfect sexy curls in few seconds  ;)

Product description:
  • Ceramic curl chamber for smooth curl creation, Curliss pro creates perfect curls each times no secret just silky smooth hair
  • 1 year warranty
  • LCD display, simple and convenient operation
  • A plurality of set temperature, 180 degrees to 230 degrees temperature adjustable
  • Powerful heating system ready to use in seconds with ultra fast heat recovery Curl direction control for either a uniform or natural finish
    Price:£65.00 FREE Delivery in the UK

Firstly the red color caught my eyes so bright and shiny :)
The curler came just in 2 days after placing the order.the most interesting hing is this that it has LCD on the top i don't think most of automatic curler has this amazing shows u the temperature.i was quite impress with the quickest heating system,it just got few seconds to heat up.
It also gives you a choice of how long you'd like to heat your hair for, 8, 10 or 12 seconds for different curl effect.super easy to hold the product is designed so wisely.

Very easy to use just be careful to put 
so smallish sections (not more than 1 inch) at a time so it doesn't tangle or get stuck.i am so enjoying using this curler its just a miracle for me because i never get perfect curl with my curling wand and always ended up with burnt finer.i used to get my hubby's help to curl my hair with wand but with this amazing product i can curl my hair myself in just few seconds yayy :)

Totally in love with this curler ,worth buying All the curling is automatic and so very consistent and i have to say i am impressed!!

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