Saturday, 18 April 2015

My expirence : OMG!! Cosmetic Buffet by Essence

For a Makeup freak Girl the Cosmetic Buffet would be a perfect Place where she can spend Less and get alot :)

I Luckily Got A chance to Attend first Cosmetic Buffet where you can grab as many products as you can!! 


Opening Event: 13th April, 2015

Time: 6:30 pm
Location: Atrium, Fortress Square

1. Each participant pays a nominal registration fee and receives a token.
2. After you hand us the token: WE LET YOU DIG IN!!
3. The fun part: GRAB AS MUCH AS YOU CAN!
4. You get to pose for us and show what you've got.
5. Exit: You take your products home in a nice bag from us!

This pic was taken from 1st floor

So here is the close up of that container :D

u can see there are so many products n i wanted all of them haha except nail colors because i am not a nail color fan at all.

The ticket charges for one hand are Rs. 1000 and for both hands, Rs. 2000. And Finally after a lil wait when i got my token i asked my hubby to dig in because he has large hand lol

They asked me to piled up my 5 favorite products then i can dig in and grab as many as i can.
So my eyes were in makeup products .luckily i got all of those 5 products with 3 bonus products yayyy

Look at the goodie bag its so funky n cute ^_^

       Thats what i got in one hand Try (for 1000rs) :)

While i was pilling up my products and busy in the activity my il diva was posing hehe 

Last but Not the least...The best part is that i met My Fellow Blogger Fakhra Rafique Khan ..while i was getting my ticket i heared some one was calling my name when i turned it was glad to see her there we had a lil chit chat too :)
love u baby :)

U can check out her blog Here

I hope u enjoyed the post
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