Monday, 28 September 2015

Review: Flip Flops Thong Slippers by

 Hi Girl hope u all had a blast on Eid, Belated Eid Mubarak :)
today i am going to hare my thoughts about the sandals i wore on Eid First day :)
i got My sandals before buying my dress because i knew i am going to buy a beige dress and i want brown sandals and hand bag with that ,so i decided to get my hands on the sandals n bag first HeHe !!
Lets have a look at these pretty sandals :)

these sandals i got for only $5.53 From
they are super cute they have a Ribbon Bow on the top which is just so cute ^_^

My Verdict:
Let me tell u about their service first that i got my package only in 14 days since it was an international package.
all stuff came safely and was well packed in bubble wrap individually.
the sandals are so comfortable and super soft.i cant wear a shoe/sandal which has a hard soul so i was bit confused ,but when i wore i felt so comfortable and easy to walk in these sandals .
over  all a great product and a great and reliable online store :)

pretty design

Hope u like today's Post!

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