Saturday, 28 November 2015

Press Release : Rimmel Introduces 2 New Provocalips Shades:#410 #420



Rimmel Introduces 2 New Provocalips Shades:
Not Guilty #410 and Berry Seductive #420

This vibrant stay-put colour feels as good as it looks. The ultra-comfortable formula is so lightweight and flexible that it adapts to the movement of your lips. There’s no tightness or dryness. Instead, lips feel sensationally smooth and moisturised all day long. What’s not to love?

Provocative lips are as easy as 1, 2… there’s no 3!  First, apply the wow-worthy colour to bare lips and allow to dry. Second, apply the gloss-like top coat to lock in colour, moisture and shine. This clear gloss top coat can be reapplied throughout the day for an added burst of lustre and moisture. And when you want to take-off the lip colour, simply use an oil-based make-up remover. 

The 2 New seductively rich Provocalips shades are designed to bring out your inner-femme fatale.  Do you… Not Guilty #410 and Berry Seductive #420?

The slim double-ended Provocalips pack looks lip-smackingly good! One end is opaquely coloured to match the shade inside; the other is white and covered in mischievous lips! The central section, which houses two slanted-tipped applicators, is sleek black and embellished with the distinctive Rimmel logo. See it, love it, get it!

Dare to provoke, dare to have fun, dare to be a trouble maker. Whatever happens, your hi-impact, shiny Provocalips won’t tell. Get the London look.


Rimmel introduces Provocalips, an exclusive two-step lip colour that locks in hi-impact colour with incredible shine and moisture. Go wild without a trace - your lips won’t tell! 

Step one: Apply the colour to bare lips and allow to dry.
Step two: Apply the clear gloss top coat to lock in colour, moisture and shine.

The intense, vibrant colour lasts for up to 16 hours – it’s kiss-proof, food-proof and transfer-proof, only coming off when you want it to.   
The non-drying, lightweight formula is ultra-comfortable to wear. Lips feel smooth and moisturised. 

Not Guilty #410
Berry Seductive #420

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