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Saturday, 19 March 2016

Easter Chocolates boxes By ZChocolat!!

who doesn't love chocolates?? 
u can call me a chocolate freak, For me Anything is good if it's made of chocolate,i am going to share my First Ever Yummy Yummy Package which i got in the morning today.i was contacted by Zchocolat for reviewing their chocolate boxes, i was super excited i was told (on Tuesday) that i will get my package within 6 days via DHL, since it was international package .... i was anxiously waiting for Monday.. But today when i was getting ready to go out at 12 Pm The postman came and delivered this Yummy Treat.i was so excited and shocked for because of their fastest delivery.

Easter Chocolates  boxes By ZChocolat!!

About ZCocolat:
 zChocolat was founded in November 1999 in collaboration with Pascal Caffet, World Champion Chocolatier & Pastry Chef 2013.

the package cam in a silver cardboard box, when i opened that there was 2 ice pack in the box too keep the chocolates cool, what a smart way to deliver chocolates safely :) 
There was easter Chocolates Duo in a Black Pouch which has am embroidered Zchoclat logo on that and a card that said "Votre Message" (Your Message), as well as a booklet that described filled chocolates made by zChocolat.

Easter Chocolates  boxes By ZChocolat!!

What Does Easter Chocolate Duo box Contains:

Charming little chocolate seashells, chickens, eggs, crabs, fish and more spill from this stylish variation on classic zBox. Filled with 38 pralines and 24 solid chocolates

Easter Chocolates  boxes By ZChocolat!!

Easter Chocolates  boxes By ZChocolat!!

My Verdict:
This first box is filled with seashell, fish and crabs shape solid chocolates . these are so tasty, in another box is Filled with 38 pralines. to be very honest the packaging and chocolates won my heart , these are one of most delicious chocolates i ever eat ,my favorite are those which are filled with Pralines...oh my so yummy and addictive!!!

Easter Chocolates  boxes By ZChocolat!!

Easter Chocolates  boxes By ZChocolat!!

Easter Chocolates  boxes By ZChocolat!!

Over All i love these chocolates and the super smart packaging ! Highly recommended

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