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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Girls Hair Dryer Beauty Plastic Storage Box Set DIY toy set by

Girls Hair Dryer Beauty Plastic Storage Box Set DIY toy set by

I Have never thought that i will be into Toy Reviews ever, my daughter is the reason behind these reviews, i have did my first toy review few days another toy for my daughter and she wanted me to a review on this one too ... so on here cute demand i decided to do a blog post about her new favorite toy :)

These small pretended toys comes in a very cute pink plastic box , the box is filled with some salon products :)

The box contains:

on hair dryer
one straightener 
1 comb
1 mirror plus comb in a butterfly shape
one compact mirror 
2 hair bands
2 hair clips
2 small cute bottles
2 hair rollers
1 scissors

My verdict:
each and every toy is so cute and made of good plastic, my daughter has become a pro hairstylist lol
she loves playing with these toys she has tried each on them on my hair HAHA!!
I got this toy set only for US$ 3.64  which is pretty reasonable/affordable.i have earned the most priceless smile of my daughter when i handed over it to her so i am genuinely so happy with my this purchase :)

Hope u like today's Post!

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