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“Redefining Beauty” ZEENAT AMAN By MINA SIDDIQUE to showcase at Shaan-E-Pakistan

“Redefining Beauty” ZEENAT AMAN By MINA SIDDIQUE to showcase at Shaan-E-Pakistan
The exclusive, by invitation only, press launch for Mina Siddique’s limited edition collection featuring the likeness of Zeenat Aman was unveiled at 11Am on Tuesday at the Royal Palm Club (Shan -e- Pakistan)
Mina Herself Sent me An Invitation via email,i was so thrilled to Meet Her And Zeenat Aman , Unfortunately i couldn't meet Zeenat Ji Due to My tight Schedule ( couldn't stay there for long time)!!

Let me Introduce these 2  Gorgeous ladies to u before talking about the event :)

Mina Siddique 
the artist and designer, have chosen the acclaimed Indian actress, Zeenat Aman, a leading star, as the muse and brand ambassador for the summer collection!

Mina has recently taken her passion for art towards interior designing  and in a very short time taken dubai By storm,Avant-Grade lamps with strong statement themes, cushions in leather and silk with a medley of bright color tones and structured profiles is so incredibly unique!!

Mina Siqiqque Summer collection  "Redefining Beauty" 

Deeply involved in the Arts since childhood, Mina Siddique is
thrilled to have chosen the acclaimed Indian actress, Zeenat Aman, a
leading star, as her muse for the summer collection…a celebration of
the independent, contemporary modern woman and brand
ambassador. The strong personality, natural beauty and indisputable
charisma of Zeenat Aman makes her the perfect match for the unique,
modern and fusion artistic designer, Mina Siddique’s collection –
REDEFINING BEAUTY. Mina considers Zeenat Aman as a true woman of
substance, a lady who has been through the huge circle of life and
who’s life experience is beyond words.
The collection captures the significant looks of Zeenat Aman,
intricately sketched by Mina Siddique, from her famous films and
have been fused with the art and colors of Mina’s palette. It promises
to be a beautiful collection targeted at women aged 20yrs and above.

Zeenat Aman By Mina Sidiqque At Shan-e-Pakistan
“Redefining Beauty” ZEENAT AMAN By MINA SIDDIQUE to showcase at Shaan-E-Pakistan

Mina Sidiqque Summer Collection
Zeenat Clutch By Mina Sidiqque 

Lamp Shade By Mina Sidiqque
zeenat aman by mina sidique

Scarf's By Mina Sidiqque

 Here are some of Exclusive pictures pf her limited edition Summer collection, so u can Peak inside and enjoy!!

Mina Sidiqque Summer Collection Exhibition
 There was some clutches, cushion, Sari's, Lamp Shades, photo Frames, capes, scarf's and kurti's
ballerina cushion by Mina Siddique

Mina Siddque Scarf

Cape by Mina Sidiqque
Summer Kurti's by Mina Sidiqque
Mina with her sister Sana

Her New Summer Collection is so color full and mesmerizing , each of her design is unique and eye catchy, there was some capes and kurti's where u can see a women's pic other than Zeenat ji, That's her Grandmother's pic,,.. Mina Herself gave me half an hour to talk to her , that's a generous act, she was talking to me like a friend i asked her some of the question about her work and inspiration she told me that she is a mother of 3 Sons Mashallah and managing her family and professional life Successfully.

I wish her Loads of Success and happiness :)

At the end her team member gave me a press gift , ill be opening this gift in my next post so watch the space too see what i got from this amazing designer :)

“Redefining Beauty” ZEENAT AMAN By MINA SIDDIQUE to showcase at Shaan-E-Pakistan

With Gorgeous Mina Sidiqque

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