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Review: Inkling Scents oil Fragrance, Alcohol Free Sultry and Unify

Inkling Scents offers 22 fragrances, 13 womens, 7 mens and 2 unisex  The fragrances are all alcohol free and are composed of 100% pure essential and fragrance oils.  They are also vegan and cruelty-free.
The fragrances can be put in any of the bottle options in the store.  They are also available in our scented greeting cards and body butter. 
Review: Inkling Scents oil Fragrance, Alcohol Free Sultry and Unify

I got 2 Of these Fragrances For Review , One is for women and one is Unisex!

The Fragrance for women i got is

Sultry – Wearing this smooth fragrance is an exercise in seduction. The base is creamy sandalwood and white amber, the heart is lotus flower, orchid and Bulgarian rose, while the top is silky vanilla. The blend is provocative, but clean – like naked skin. This mix is deep and rich enough to leave you purring with pleasure.

And the Unisex Fragrance is
Unify -  Unify is a crowd pleaser. Black current gives this fragrance a unique twist but grapefruit boosts the energy level. Musk and cedar wood provide a solid base but Lily of the Valley softens and sweetens it.  This fragrance is sure to please people in all walks of life.

Review: Inkling Scents oil Fragrance, Alcohol Free Sultry and Unify

My Verdict:
love these roll-on perfumes!
Perfect for travel, this 1/3 ounce bottle of healthy, alcohol-free, pure oil fragrance is one of our faves

Sultry : (For Women)

For me this fragrance is just perfect to beat the heat of summer,it
is a blend of creamy sandalwood, white amber, lotus flower, orchid, Bulgarian rose, and silky vanilla that you’ll want on you everywhere you go,it reminds me of the waterfall and gardens.. genuinely one of best refreshing scent for me, loved it!

Unify: (Unisex)

It has a base scent of black currant, musk, and cedar with notes of Lily of the Valley,I tried this fragrance after using Sultry, oh my i fell in love even more, I am a huge fan of musk so this is going to be perfect for me for a daily use, i kept on smelling this fragrance for a while once i opened it first time .Loved Loved Loved it Thumbs Up For the great fragrance !

They lasts for a long time and i loved the packaging, they comes in handy roll on bottles which are travel friendly!
U may Buy Urs from their Etsy Shop
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