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Review: Shadow Switch Dry Brush Cleaner by Beauty essentials!

Hello girls ihope u are doing well, today i am here agian with an amazing product.i am gonn atalk about the dry brush cleaner... yes u have read it right A Dry Brush Cleaner.i know its sunds strange and exciting to have a dry brush cleaner which u can use anywhere without needing a brush cleaning liquid, water a towel etc etc

Review: Shadow Switch Dry Brush Cleaner by Beauty essentials!


Product Details:

Shadow Switch - The solution to switching from one colour shadow to another - using the same brush!

This innovative product extracts all traces of make-up powder from your brush, allowing you to switch between different colours and shades with ease using the same brush over and over!

The Shadow Switch eliminates the possibility of product transfer between your powders when using the same brush!

How to Use: Press and rotate your brush over the Shadow Switch in a circular motion until all traces of colour powder have gone. Test your brush on the back of your hand to confirm full removal of powders.

How to Maintain: To clean your Shadow Switch, use warm water and fragrance free soap, then leave until completely dry. Regular usage can wear off the sponge. We recommend you refill your Shadow Switch on average every two months.

Review: Shadow Switch Dry Brush Cleaner by Beauty essentials!

Review: Shadow Switch Dry Brush Cleaner by Beauty essentials!

My Verdict:

let me explain first what i am talking about.

its a Dry Brush Cleaner called Shadow Swutch by Beauty Essentials,it comes in a metal tin container inside there is a rough black sponge.what u need to do is take ue dirty eyeshadow brush and swirl it on a sponge to remove the eyeshadow to reuse it.

My Experience: 

For me its an amazing product, i am so lazy about washing my brushes lol Lazy me!!
this product is a life saver for me,i am so happoy that i got is super easy to use and best for traveling.u just need to open the tin box ,swirl ur brush few times and u are done,isnt it amazing??
it works like a miracle if I want to get a brush that had dark product on it to be used for light product then I can easily swirl my brushes in the sponge and it's like a new brush! It doesn't affect the bristles of the brush and works really well !

A worth buying product,Ingenious idea!

Super easy to use
great packaging
light weight
Compact, best for traveling
time saver


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