Wednesday, 31 August 2016


Rimmel & Kate Moss Celebrate 15 Years of Partnership
With a Special-Edition Lip Anniversary Collection

Two British beauty icons, 15 years of London looks…
Join us to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the most successful, unrivalled partnership in the beauty world.
Rimmel and Kate Moss introduce a special-edition lip collection in Kate’s favourite reds and nudes.
Revel in timeless Brit cool at its best.

Rimmel’s muse since 2001, Kate has always embodied the edgy styles and soul of the capital city; she’s the true original spokesperson for the London Look.
Paying homage to Kate’s most iconic looks, the new anniversary collection celebrates the different facets of her fashion personality from red carpet idol to boho goddess.

Kate says:
“I’m incredibly proud of my 15 year relationship with Rimmel. It’s a brand very close to my heart; my first ever lipstick was Rimmel Heather Shimmer.
The partnership has strengthened and evolved over the years, with me taking an actively creative role. The new anniversary collection echoes some of my favourite London looks from the last decade and a half. I’ve focused on reds and nudes because they’re the colours I love to wear – each shade reflects a different side of me.”

Anniversary Collection: Lasting Finish Lipstick By Kate
First introduced in 2011 to mark the 10th anniversary of Rimmel and Kate’s relationship, Lasting Finish Lipstick By Kate was the model’s debut make-up line.
Loved by Rimmel girls everywhere, it’s a global phenomenon with thousands of lipsticks sold over five years.
Building on this success the anniversary collection stars four lust-worthy shades – two reds and two nudes - each inspired by a classic Kate look.

Muse Red #51 is a rich, head-turning crimson that evokes Kate’s effortless elegance on the red carpet.
Kate comments: “When I’m going somewhere special, a bold red lip makes me feel ‘done’. I created Muse Red for that perfect blend of drama and sophistication.”

Exuding vintage glamour, Retro Red #53 is a sumptuous berry red that reflects the revamped ‘40s and ‘50s retro style that Kate adores.

Boho Nude #56 is a warm caramelised nude that complements Kate’s laid-back boho look.
She says: “My secret to pared-back boho beauty is natural, earthy shades. I love how the caramel tones of Boho Nude lipstick warm my skin.”

Taking inspiration from Kate’s everyday street look, My Nude #55 is a beige nude shade for understated casual chic. Team with a blazer for a dash of Kate’s nonchalant cool.

All of Kate’s lip shades are designed to dazzle throughout the day with a full impact formula that’s infused with light-reflecting Black Diamonds.
What’s more, the richly-saturated, luminous colour lasts for up to 8 hours.
Your pout will have the power to mesmerise.

In honour of the 15th anniversary, the collection has a premium looking special-edition pack.
The elegant, designer-style casing is revamped in metallised rose-gold – Kate’s favourite colour – making each lipstick a perfect collector piece.

Rimmel & Kate Moss equals a beautiful partnership!
Celebrate with iconic shades created by Kate, inspired by her London looks.

Monday, 29 August 2016

Hello Girls to day i am here to talk about my favorite ____ powder, i am using this from 2 months and loving it, i wanted to write about it before but then i decided to gave this product some months to check out.

firstly lemme tell u that What does translucent powder do?

Translucent powder is face powder. It just happens to be translucent in color.
it is usually used to set foundation. It is just a colorless powder, any skin color can use the exact same one. Usually translucent powders don't cake up. Face powders have pigmentation to them and usually provide some kind of color.

Lets have a look at Silky Cotton Loose powder by a korean brand names Musteav USA

SILKY COTTON LOOSE POWDER - MustaeV USA Review and swatches

SILKY COTTON LOOSE POWDER - MustaeV USA Review and swatches
About the Product
  • Sebum control powder absorbs excess oil providing shine control throughout the day.
  • Highlights the skin's natural brightness, and does not settle into fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Made with fine particles that adhere to the skin providing a smooth and even texture.
  • Includes a microfiber powder puff that distributes the powder to the skin with ease.
  • Net Wt. 15g / 0.52 oz.
SILKY COTTON LOOSE POWDER - MustaeV USA Review and swatches

SILKY COTTON LOOSE POWDER - MustaeV USA Review and swatches

SILKY COTTON LOOSE POWDER - MustaeV USA Review and swatches

My verdict:
I am a fan of  Musteav Products, and this product is great for me as I have a problem with visible pores..
It helps along with the foundation and mineral silk to give me a soft matt finish,,
all without clogging my pores or causing acne breakouts..
it could be used to all type of skin colour which is great.

over all loved this product,This powder has worked miracles for me! It leaves me shine free for HOURS.  it blends really well. I give it 5 stars. It's everything it's expected to be :)

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Sunday, 28 August 2016

Hi gilrs, today i am here with my favorite skin softener body lotion by Avon, i have been using Far Away perfume for a long time, i had its cream in a pot, i just ordered this cream along with my perfumes.
Long lasting and have you smelling nice all through out the day.

Oriental, floral. 150ml

My verdict:

i just loved it its beautifully scented with rich creamy texture, as weather is changing now a days so my skin is gettimng dry, i was badly in a need of good moisturizer which keep my skin smooth, i use it on daily basis now.the best thing about this lotion is thta its so moisturizing but not greasy at all. i use it after showering and it keeps my skin smooth and silky for the whole day.
A great Product Indeed!
Great scent
luxurious feeling cream
skin feels well hydrated


Have u ever tried any scented skin softener by Avon?
Hope u like today's Post!

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Saturday, 27 August 2016


Material: Plastic and Synthetic Hair Head
Color: Black
Full Length: 12-16.5cm/ 4.7-6.4inch
Head Length: 0.7-6cm/ 0.3-2.3inch
Quantity: 10pcs
Shape: Toothbrush Shaped
Item: Makeup Foundation Brush Sets
Application: Facial, Eye, Eyebrow
Suitable for: Powder, Cream
Opportunity: Home, Professional
  Artist makeup Brushes  were in my wishlist from long time but as they comes with a high price tag i couldn't bought... seriously i dont have a heart to spend $55 bucks on a single brush.i almost screamed with happiness when i saw that china has created the super dupe of oval 6 just for US$1.37 ,i ordered that and tried for contouring,i got super impressed with the out come, though i couldn't make review on that because of my busy schedule , few days back i saw the complete 10 pcs set of oval brushes on Dresslink,i went crazy to get my hands on it i immediately ordered and started hoping that i get the package before Eid so i can try these and get used too to use the new style of brush special eye brushes.
Luckily i got my brushes just in 14 days woohoo isn't it great ?
Lets have a look at these first then ill talk about each of then briefly :)

1*Powder Brush(6.60 inch)

2*Small Powder Brush(6.30 inch)
3*Blush Brush(6.00 inch)
4*Foundation Brush(5.73 inch)
5*Contour Brush(5.39 inch)
6*Eyeshadow Brush(5.43 inch)
7*Small Eyeshadow Brush(5.26 inch)
8*Eyeliner Brush(4.89 inch)
9*Concealer Brush(4.60 inch)
10*Moist Powder Eye Brush(4.50 inch)
Material for hair: synthetic hair

Material for handle: plastic
Handle: could be bent


Oval,angular surface offers effortless application and flawless coverage,seamless blending.
Flexible tilted handle for precision and stability.
Easily and beautifully crafted to blend foundation,powder, cream, fluid, moisturizers and primers seamlessly into your skin.
Ultra soft and flexible so to provide great care for your delicate skin.
Miracle of deep cleansing by fine brush.
Deep cleaning without skin irritation,Mild cutin to create smooth skin and brighten the skin tone.

How to use brush: 

1.Pick up your choice of product with the brush,start applying the makeup from the center of the face. 
2.Using a "Push and Pull" motion,glide the brush across the surface of the skin to blend. 

3.Finish off blending with light,circular motions.

 My Verdict:

well these brushes came in a cheap black box about which i do not care because they came safely and i am going to place in my brushes box . so i threw the box when i used them first has 5 big face makeup brushes and 5 small brushes which includes eye and lip brush.

the face makeup brushes includes the powder and contouring brushes and other small brushes includes liner brush, 2 eye-shadow brushes and lip brush. all of them are super soft and thick, they comes with plastic handles which are super flexible . the bristles are so soft and feels super soft on eyes and face .

with the bigger brushes i applied my foundation, concealer, contour, and my highlight perfectly. It blended them out very well and evenly leaving no streaks. It felt super smooth on my skin, and it took very little effort to blend.

Overall i am in love with these brushes,I don't know how long they will last but sine they are so affordable, it would be much easier and cheaper to buy a new set versus paying $300 to $400 for the Artis brushes.They help my makeup application go by so much faster than with the beauty blender. I've used them to apply my foundation and it is a lot smoother, flawless and blends amazingly. It also works great with powder, not just liquid cream.There was no trace of any shedding and the brushes didn't have a funny smell or anything when I took them out of the package. Overall i highly recommend this product.

Hope u like today's Post!

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120 Holes Clear Plastic Earring Jewelry Show Display Stand Holder Rack by Dresslink review

Product Description:

Material: Plastic
Color: Clear
Size: 28.2 x 10.5 x 4cm/ 11 x 4.1 x 1.6inch(Folded Size)
Shape: Arch Door
Occasion: Store, Home
120 holes, 2 arches perfect to display earrings, ear studs, dangles, etc.
Foldaway design for convenient handling and packing.
Suitable for home storage and shop counter displaying use.

120 Holes Clear Plastic Earring Jewelry Show Display Stand Holder Rack by Dresslink review

120 Holes Clear Plastic Earring Jewelry Show Display Stand Holder Rack by Dresslink review

My Verdict:
i just loved the creative idea behind this amazing Earrings storage,. I had my earrings before in a standard jewelry box, but they kept getting jumbled, tarnished, and wrecked. This has totally solved that problem. The screen holds many pairs of earrings, and folds if you want to store. Very problem got solved with this organizer now my all earring are safe and stay on place ,it can hold my all type of earrings,long earrings, short earrings, studs, lapel pins :)

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Thursday, 25 August 2016


I Am Fond of nice soft and floral fragrances, i have been using Avon perfumes since 2002, i remember my first perfume was their Nigh Musk which has been discontinued unfortunately,i got a chance to try many of their perfumes includes little black dress range, far away night musk, soft musk, from all of these i mentioned night musk was my top favorite but as i said before its not available any more so i do consider  Iincandessence My top Favorite fragrance from avon perfume range, i just love its smell and the aroma.. 
i was running put out this fragrance which i got from Uk, i wanted to restock it and was finding it online , luckily i saw this set on Facebook Page Named AVON PAKISTAN . I am so thankful for them for providing me my favorites at very reasonable prices and with fast shipping, u must check out their page they do offer cash on delivery.they do deal in avon cosmetics too, i got my package in 2 days safely, they have packed my all products very nicely.Thanks to them once again :D

Introducing My Favorite Fragrance : Avon Incandessence Fragrance gift set Review

Lets move on to the Gift Set, The set i got includes

1: Incandessence Perfume 50Ml
2:  Incandessence Body Spray 75Ml
3:  Incandessence Roll on 50ml

Price: 1830rs

Introducing My Favorite Fragrance : Avon Incandessence Fragrance gift set Review
 Fragrance Notes:
 is a Floral Fruity fragrance for women. Top notes are orchid, lily-of-the-valley and cyclamen; middle notes are tulip and peony; base note is orchid.
Introducing My Favorite Fragrance : Avon Incandessence Fragrance gift set Review

Introducing My Favorite Fragrance : Avon Incandessence Fragrance gift set Review

Introducing My Favorite Fragrance : Avon Incandessence Fragrance gift set Review

My Verdict:
i haven't bought these kinda gift sets before i must say its a great deal ti save some bucks.
As i mentioned above that this is my favorite fragrance , my signature perfume from long time,so it was a Blind buy, i never regret buying this me u will love the smell its so warm and girlie smell.i loved the roll on and body spray equally , they have the same strong lasting power as perfume.
Overall I loooooooooove this scent!!!!!!!! Very clean, elegant, classic, a total pleasure to wear it!!!

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