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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Lancaster 365 Sun Compact Spf 30 review and swatches

Lancaster 365 Sun Compact Spf 30 review and swatches

Product Details:

Lancaster 365 Sun Kissed Glow Protective Compact Cream SPF30 Light is Ultra Comfortable and gently-tinted, this full coverage compact cream gives excellent protection and evens out your complexion in seconds. comes in SPF30 and in 3 natural shades to perfectly fit your complexion.Perfect your complexion with a creamy formula that leaves you looking like you just spent a day in the sun, the 365 Sun Face Compact leaves your skin looking beautifully sun-kissed and protected all year round. Featuring Lancaster's Full Light Technology it provides protection against all of the suns rays, provides high makeup functions and further protects the skin with anti pollution technology and anti oxidant actives.

Bring the Sun Compact 365 to the face before being brought blood to the sun. Bring compact periodically to ensure continued protection.

Immediately after use, our Sun Compacts provide:
-Better protection against UV, Infrared and Visible Light rays for 86%
-A healthy sun-kissed glow thanks to our Tan Activator Complex for 88%
-Hydration and Protection from environmental agressions for 90%

Lancaster 365 Sun Compact Spf 30 review and swatches

Lancaster 365 Sun Compact Spf 30 review and swatches

Lancaster 365 Sun Compact Spf 30 review and swatches

Lancaster 365 Sun Compact Spf 30 review and swatches

My Verdict:

i am super impressed with this compact, what Lovely product comes with awesome smell ( reminds me my daughters baby lotion),perfect for give ur skin a slight tan,
ideal product for protecting, creating a glow and taking care of your skin!!

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Bebe celebrates 10 years in the UAE





In October 2016, fashion retailer bebe will celebrate 10 years in the United Arab Emirates, with a total of 10 stand-alone stores in the market.

bebe is the go-to destination for chic, contemporary fashion. The brand evokes a mindset - an attitude, not an age. Designed for the confident, sexy, modern woman, bebe is a global label that embodies a sensual, sophisticated lifestyle. bebe currently has 10 stores in the United Arab Emirates, along with 5 in Saudi Arabia, 2 in Qatar, and 1 in Bahrain. The United Arab Emirates has been bebe's top performing international market for the past five years, and the brand’s The Dubai Mall boutique has been and continues to be bebe’s top-selling store worldwide since 2012, whilst the Mall of the Emirates store ranks in 5th place. Expansion continues in the Middle East, with the launch of the brand’s e-commerce site, online shoppers will now be able to shop with ease and confidence by clicking on the newly designed website, to discover all the new collections and iconic styles from the brand.

“bebe sits in a very unique space in this market because of our selection of offerings. We would like to see women wear bebe from day to night; therefore our designed collections are geared towards women who have a multi-faceted lifestyle. We target women, who are confident, fashion forward, smart, sophisticated and independent - and the women in Middle East are able to relate to that. That’s our secret to success in this region.” -  Shabnam Hashir, Regional Brand Manager of bebe Arabia.


Under the bridal veil, the dark line of henna weaves an intricate pattern upon her skin, conjuring its ancient magic. A powerful charm of love and protection, it brings luck to the couple and evokes the perfect union of two souls that were always meant for each other…

Happy Spirit Forever fragrance is a rich and potent floral oriental elixir. The bridal celebration starts with an explosion of pink pepper and yellow mandarin. These sparkling notes form an ode to joy, a vibrant tribute to love’s exhilarating and uplifting power. The perfume’s heart notes reflect the depth of the commitment through the use of three emblematic components. An aromatic plant usually associated with affection and fidelity, rosemary also recalls the smooth scent of henna. Orange blossom and opulent jasmine evoke the traditional bridal bouquet, creating a true sensory explosion, an overdose of flowers. A luxurious dry-down of patchouli and amber adds mesmerizing intensity and stirring sensuality to the fragrance, signing it with a memorable oriental trail.

The design of the bottle is a tribute to Chopard’s jewellery-making savoir-faire. Shaped as two interlocking hearts, it represents the indissoluble bond between two people, their total commitment to each other. The gold colour highlights the rarity and infinite preciousness of such a relationship while the flamboyant fuchsia twin stones on the stopper proclaim the almighty power of love. The intricate henna lines that appear on the edge of the bottle and on the matching box transmute Happy Spirit Forever into a potent talisman that brings luck and protection to the celebrated love. As for the fuchsia ribbon wrapped around the carton, it expresses the deep and abiding connection between the lovers, a sacred tie that nothing could undo.

Price List:
Happy Spirit Forever 75ML –
UAE: 435 AED, KSA: 445 SR, KWT: 34.30 KD, BAHRAIN: 44.50 BD, QATAR: 444 QR, JORDAN: 88.29 JD